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New Life

I am now here.
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I'm saying goodbye......

When Hal and I tied the knot in January 28, 2005, his mother offered a room in her house.  Previous entries will describe my life since that day so I will not elaborate or repeat them now.  The bottom line is that, I should have listened to the advice of my parents and friends when they said that it's not good to live with the in-laws even if it's just for a while.  However, in 2007 we bought  our home.  At that time the foundation was not  constructed yet.  In September 2009, the deed was finally ours.  We moved in on February 14, 2010.

There were three bazaars during the first three months of this year that I joined.  It wasn't as successful as I thought.  Later on, professional bazaaristas who I met last year  adviced me that the last quarter of the year is the best time.

Online sales, however, were another story.  Orders for weddings increased.  My production grew.  I used better materials and tried focusing on solid gold and semi-precious stones.  The initial products were sold out. I could now afford to source my stones from abroad. 

We were able to adjust to our new home.  I loved that it was nearer to work.  Hal loved that we had our own place.  Hiro loved that he had a huge huge area he could run around in and a pool he could swim in anytime.

Professionally, I was getting better.  I became more versed in my area of expertise.  Third party affirmation was constant and it made me more confident.

Just when I thought everything was going so smoothly now, my lola passed away on May 23, 2010.  Those who know me pretty well will know how big the emotional scar she has left in my heart with her leaving us.  She was 94.  She was in good health.  I was there that afternoon and saw how she fought.  I saw that how, in the last few minutes, she would open her eyes every so slightly looking around the hospital room as if to see who was there.  And closed them again.  She did this three times.  I saw how she finally opened her eyes one last time, looked up at the ceiling as if someone was there calling out to her.  It lasted for a good 10 seconds.  My mom, tito Chito, tita Marcelle and I were there.  I was crying now at this point while they were telling her:  "It's okay mama.  You can go now.  Thank you for everything.  Papa and Brammy are waiting for you.  Thank you, mama.  Thank you" over and over again.  Then she closed her eyes one last time and the monitor went flat.

Just last week, the Personnel Selection Board where I work approved my transfer to another department.  This time I will be handling the bigwig corporations.  The experience and knowledge I will gain will provide a major impact in my resume.  The only drawback is, I'm leaving the family who nurtured and cared for me for the past four years.  It has a workforce of close to 90 employees who I consider my family.  We all grew together and learned from each other.  The bond that all 90 of us shared was the envy of the whole Commission.  I feel that my transferring will break myself from that bond, and that makes me sad.  I know that I have to grow, but.........

So, that wraps up my life with livejournal. 

I am bidding goodbye, but I am saying hello here.

I look forward to seeing you all there again as I share with you my new thoughts and perspectives on life, love, and everything and anything I come across.  

It's been a blast!
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How I keep my balance

What I've been up to:

Yeah, this week's been pretty busy for me so I needed to relax and get my creative juices flowing.  This time I'm working with 10k solid gold wire that I crochet into discs and add gemstones.  For the earrings I used 14k solid gold (stamped) posts.

Summer's almost over and school's about to start that's why I'm making the most of what I can.  If you'd like more information on my creations, please reach me here.
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1.  You can make breakfast.

2.  You can make lunch.

3.  Dinner is a sandwich or a bowl of cereal.

4.  You call home and ask mom how the washing machine works.

5.  It's easy to operate the washing the machine.

6.  It's easy to operate the dryer.

7. You realize that plates piling up in the sink is not good.

8.  Ironing clothes has to be in the list of things to do after 8 hours of work, which also includes watching the latest episodes of Fringe, Glee, Bones, and House.

9.  Who's next to cook or wash the dishes becomes a topic for arguments.

10.  You realize that you can actually sleep early.
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I cooked this

My sister was visiting and I wanted to cook something special for the hubby.

Cream Dory with Lemon Butter Sauce.

How to:

  * 4 tbsp melted butter
    * 6 tbsp mayo
    * 4 tbsp evaporated milk
    * Salt and pepper
    * Cooking oil


    Cream Dory

    * Season fish with salt and pepper on both sides
    * Dip fish in egg and coat it with bread crumbs
    * Heat cooking oil in a pan and fry fish (one at a time and make sure not to overcook it)

    Lemon Butter Cream Sauce

    * Mix together mayo, butter, juice of half the lemon, salt and pepper, and evaporated milk in a bowl
    * Heat sauce pan (low heat)
    * Pour in the sauce mixture and bring to a simmer
    * Add salt and pepper
    * Just before you serve the fish, pour sauce mixture over the fish

Have fun!
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Medicard, Hospitals and more.

We spent the afternoon at Makati Med today.

Since we mostly go to Asian, Hiro's pedia wasn't available today so we had to look for an alternate.  After researching, we decided on one lady pedia who has clinics in Makati Med, Asian, and St. Luke's Global City.  We googled her up and found her qualifications quite good.   The family My dad is very particular about the doctors we choose so we're really careful about this.

By the time Hal was able to make an appointment for a 1230 slot in her Makati Med clinic, I found out that she had a clinic also at global, so I made the appointment there instead because it was nearer.  Later I wondered if that hospital was medicard accredited already.  I asked our company secretary to inquire about it and good thing, Medicard said that they were still under negotiations.  I canceled there and settled for Makati Med.

We didn't know the doctor's clinics were in the old building ---- which was a maze.  really. A maze of hallways.  We got lost 3 times.

Hal and I parted ways: yaya, Hiro and I looked for the clinic, while Hal went to Medicard to get the form.

We finally found the clinic and when I went inside, the nurses were kinda stiff.  I told them we had an appointment and rather curtly, the asked us the usual s.o.p questions. While waiting, Hiro had to go to the bathroom (he had viral g.e.) a couple of times.  Though the wait was kinda long, we didn't notice the time because my cousin, who is a neuro-surgeon there kept us company. 

Then it was our turn.

We went into the cramped room.  What made it more cramped was  that the doctor had two of her assistant/nurses inside with me, Hiro and Hal.  A few more routine questions and physical check-up and advice.  She wanted us to see an ENT because Hiro had a slight redness in one ear.  I kinda had second thoughts about that because my sister, who's also a doctor, just checked his ear and they were okay.  Nevermind. She recommended the one next door.  Since we were there already, we decided to get it overwith.

Her name is Dr. Sarmiento.  I forgot what her first name was.  She was nice.  I liked her instantly.  After checking Hiro's ear, she smiled and just said that everything's normal and that it might have just been the light of the otoscope that made those red lights in his ear.  We thanked her and left.  Oh, she's Medicard accredited also, so it was a plus point.  Later I found out that Hal liked her too.  We'll go to her next time when needed.  She's at Room 122, main building.


I didnt like the new pedia.  We all have our criteria for the littlest things, but by the time we arrived  at her clinic, I sort of had THAT feeling already.  I didn't like the medicines she prescribed.  Like, parang wala lang.  She'd clean her stethoscope with alcohol in front of us.  It didn't even touch Hiro's skin!   I didn't understand why the two assistants were inside.  They didnt do anything.  They didn't even assist with anything.  I look at his record book, hell, it was the assistant who wrote everything down.  Something was off.  We're not going back to her again.

I called my dad.  Of course, he flared up again.  Like I said, he's really protective about these things.

We're sticking to Hiro's original pedia, Dr. Nievera.  We just need someone who's available on weekdays.

What capped up the afternoon was the yummy food at the Floating Restaurant inside MMC.  Their pancit canton is the best! Better than Savory.

I realize that inspite of the many qualifications one professional may have, it is the rapport she/he establishes with people that makes her/him great.  In the medical field, trust is the most important factor. 

If you do not trust your doctor, find someone else. 
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Earth Hour

My family and I will observe earth hour tonight (8:30-9:30 pm).

However, with a sick 4-year old, we're not going to turn all our lights out.  We're just going to leave 1 light open, and the television, as he uses it as an outlet to forget his illness.

We want to be one with the world.  

But once in a while, we believe that substantial compliance is enough.

EDIT:  To compensate, we started 30 minutes ahead. :)


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It was exciting!

Random things that happened over the weekend:

Dinner at tita Marilou's where she served yummy paella from Amelia's, fresh lumpia, american baked ribs, and buko-pandan salad from Conti's, and wine which I did not drink because I drove that night.

My sister and I were late, however, because of this:

Interview with Melissa Gecolea for "Spotlight" RPN9 which was aired on Monday, March 24, 2010.

I'm still dreaming (of the ribs), overwhelmed (with the interview), sad (that my aunt flew back already).
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The three of us went swimming today :)


Other than that, we stayed home.  Hal and I dread the start of another work week tomorrow. Sigh.  Anyway, I'm sure it'll be over before we know it.

The screens will be installed on Tuesday.  No need for air conditioned nights (and ginormous electricity bills).

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)
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She has an awesome voice!

Charice looks good in the album cover:

and then I saw the video! WOW!

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